Training Videos

  • How to Register and Enter Password

    How to Register and Enter Password

    By watching this film you can learn how to how to register to our site and how to enter your password to use software.
  • 1.1 Scene Selection

    1.1 Scene Selection

    You see a steady room scene when you first start the software. If you want to change the scene, you can choose alternatives from the "Scene" menu on the left side. If the scenes are categorized, choose one of them from the "Category" menu to see the existing scenes. You can choose any of the scenes listed.
  • 1.2 Selection Of Design

    1.2 Selection Of Design

    After you select the model, you have to decide which pattern will be applied to the part of the model you select. To be able to apply the selection, you can move the part of the pattern using mouse and selected part will be marked as "green" color. When you select the part, patterns that you can choose will be viewed on the left side of the screen. When pattern is selected, it will ve applied on the part of the model automatically. If the patterns are categorized, you can choose them from the "Category" menu where patterns are listed. 
  • 1.2 Model Selection

    1.2 Model Selection

    Just click on the "Model" button from the Main Menu and choose one of the models. If the models are categorized, pick one of the category from the "Category" menu. You can choose any of the models listed on the left.
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