Frequently Asked Questions

In this section you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

How do I get when there is a new version of the program?

For using new versions of the program you need  nothing to update. Take advantage of getting all the updates instantly. Each time you use the latest version.

Are there scenes in the program already?


How do I show the curtain behind the objects?

I have an object in front of the window and removal is impossible!

No problem, in th program you can put the curtain behind the objects.

I can use the program in my customer's house?

Yes.  Where you plug in your laptop to the Internet you can do your designs anywhere.

Can I Upload My Own Patterns?

Yes. Decide how you will of your space. Unlimited number of models, the model brought together a sub-equipment, textures, color, pattern, and so on. apply in a few seconds.

Can I add my own photo to the programme?

The most important feature of our program is that you can add your own photo for design purposes. The program is also available in ready-scenes.

Is it necessary to have a camera?

You need to take a photo of your client's home. If you are using a laptop or mobile phone's camera if they can take the image of your client's house, it would be enough.

May I apply wallpapers?

Yes. You can enjoy the opportunity of applying color or wallpaper on your walls.

I took pictures too bright, Can I adjust?

Yes. You can change properties of the image in the software.

Do I need my computer's properties are very high?

No, These features can be found at

Can I share my password?

The account is only for use. You mustn't share your password.

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